Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Fire Drill

You know how they say that even after years of being together you are still learning about the person you marry? It's so true, and it often happens at unexpected moments.

Like last night.

At 2am the fire alarm in our building started buzzing. Both of us jumped out of bed and started throwing on clothes and shoes. My raincoat was on a chair so I put it on and picked up my keys and purse. I had a brief "is there anything valuable I want to grab?" moment, but quickly gave up and started out the door. Apparently Victor had the same kind of thoughts, but he did get some things on his way that I only noticed when we were heading down the stairs. This was an opportunity for me to learn what was truly important to my husband.

And I did. Maybe.

He got coats.

About 4-6 of them. In addition to the one he was wearing.

Granted, it is a little bit chilly for May these days, but when it comes down to being cold for a while versus being REALLY HOT in a burning building, I'd pick the cold. I'm not exactly sure what he was thinking as he raided the coat closet. Perhaps he was thinking of other residents who might have forgotten to bring out their coats? Maybe he thought he could use them to put on some flames to slow the spread of the fire?

I have no idea.

What I do know is that my husband picked a pile of coats over our wedding pictures, jewelry he had given me, and the cat.

I'll just keep loving him more every day.

(Note: the alarm was false. It stopped buzzing before we even got outside).

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  1. One time my upstairs neighbours had a candle accident on their balcony, causing me to wake up to screams of "call the fire department", and, you know, the sight of flickering flames.
    I grabbed my cat in a case, my purse, and stuffed an entire huge knapsack with photo albums. It never even occurred to me to bring clothes.
    (Thankfully, my abode didn't burn down, which is always a good thing)