Friday, February 12, 2010

25 Week Letter

Dear Cleitus,

Today you are one week past "viability day" which means that if you decided to make your world debut you'd have a 50% chance of surviving. As much of a relief as that day was to me, I do not want you to even think about leaving your current home for another 12+ weeks. You've got lots of growing to do and you'll be much more comfortable where you are.

Cleitus, you become more real to me every day as I can now feel you kicking and flipping. You seem to have some favorite things that really get you going: namely, orange juice and Kylie Minogue music. I hope your penchant for Australian blonds is short-lived because your mama is intent on you finding a good Southern girl to marry when that time comes. While your kicks have gotten stronger and are sometimes uncomfortable, I secretly love them because they remind me that you're a real baby. MY baby! I can put my hands on my belly and feel you and think about how wonderful it will be to really touch and kiss you.

Even though I can feel you quite often, I still get very scared for your safety, especially on days when you're not as active as usual. I can't imagine how much scarier it will be once you're out in the world and not right with me all of the time! I'm sure that in several years I will drive you crazy with my worrying. But just know that it's all because, even now when I haven't even seen your face, I can't imagine my life without you.