Monday, May 4, 2009

And They Call them Southern Gentlemen

I'm back! My reunion was great fun and I was able to see classmates I hadn't talked to for ten years. Legal stalking, a.k.a. Facebook, has allowed me to have some general idea of what everyone has been doing, but it's no substitute for real conversations and hugs.

All of the reunion classes (those ending in '4' and '9') were invited to an opening cocktail party at our school on Friday night. It was pretty crowded so getting around the room involved lots of maneuvering between old people. I guess I bumped into an older alum's husband (totally not the fault of the three glasses of wine I'd had) and he stopped Victor and said:

"Tell your wife not to bump into me and get me excited".

Excuse me?

Victor just laughed off the comment but I wish he had suggested the man tell me himself.

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