Thursday, May 21, 2009

Blogger Woes and Hallucinations

What is wrong with Blogger? It decided to take away all my line and paragraph breaks, not only in new posts but in my old posts too! Now I have to enter the line break symbol twice every time I want a space instead of just pressing enter.

And we know I can't live without line breaks.

It's really not too bad I guess, but I need to go back to my old posts to fix them now. ANNOYING.

In other news, do y'all know if hallucinations are an early pregnancy symptom? See, I peed on a stick today (actually, in a cup in which I dipped a stick) and I could have sworn I saw a line when I held it up to the light, tilted it just right, and squinted.

Victor says he didn't see anything, but he's a pessimist so I am trying to ignore him.

We're on 12dpo folks. The most convincing thing to me is that normally by this time I feel incredibly grumpy but today I'm pretty happy and extremely punchy. No cramps, no sore boobies, nothing. So yeah, my phantom symptom is the lack of symptoms.


  1. Yay! You should try it this evening after holding your pee for 4 hours. I have better luck then rather than in the morning! GL! Report back asap. O yeah-and PIP of the other pee stick.

  2. Its not over till the Redbiatch shows....fingers crossed!