Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Earwax Fantasies

Even after a course of antibiotics my ear is still killing me. Last week the doctor at the Urgent Care center said that she couldn't even see my eardrum because the canal was so small and blocked. I have been having dreams about a doctor sucking or surgically removing the gunk I feel in my ear and let me tell you Internet, they are such divine dreams. I can almost feel the relief. Until I wake up. My dreams better come true on Friday because I have an appointment with a real ear doctor.

I'm hoping I'll be feeling better by the weekend because Victor and I have a great few days planned to celebrate our anniversary. We're staying at a cute little inn by the water near where we live. We're going to enjoy our city by walking, shopping, and eating good food. And maybe something extra, if Victor behaves himself (wink wink). Also, I get to give Victor his gift. And get mine! I actually know what I'm getting because I generally tell Victor exactly what I want for various occasions (thus no trouble for him). So that it will be a surprise for someone, I won't tell until after it is delivered. Stay tuned!

Also, I suppose I promised some more Carolina haiku to celebrate the championship.

Roy Williams' blue tie
Wasn't as bad as others
Where can I find it?

You see, I want to buy it for Victor. He has something coming up where he could use a sweet tie. More on that next week

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