Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Bottom of the Totem Pole Day!

Today I'd like to report on what I perceive to be a great injustice in the world of Hallmark Holidays. National Administrative Assistant Day was yesterday. Administrative assistants all over the country received flowers, gift certificates, and free lunches. I think that's just great because heaven knows what kind of crap those ladies and gentlemen take from the big bosses. And then on October 16 we celebrate National Boss Day. I'm not exactly sure what bosses receive for this day, but I'm sure it's something good. Again, I have no problem with this holiday because I'm sure it's stressful to manage other people. What bothers me is that these two holidays leave out the vast majority of workers who also deserve some recognition.

Like me!

I am not an administrative assistant (a fact my boss forgets sometimes), but I do not have anyone working for me. In my department at work, at least half of the employees fall into this category. We do the vast majority of the hands-on science that makes money for our company and I imagine that most companies are in the same situation. So what about us? Why is there no holiday honoring the majority of the workforce?

I think I know...

It's because those darn folks at Hallmark couldn't think of an appropriate and catchy name for the holiday. So I'd like to offer some ideas.

National People Who Really Know What is Going On Day
National Overworked/Underpaid Day
National Workers who Get No Credit Day
National Workers who aren't Administrative Assistants but Get Treated like Them Day
National Cubicle-Dwellers Day

Any other suggestions? We can compile them and send them to Hallmark. We won't charge for our services, as long as they promise to market the new holiday aggressively.

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