Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Now I Definitely Can't Let Victor Read My Blog

This weekend I met up with some girls I found on the Internet, booked a swanky hotel room, and strutted around in my lingerie with them. That's right, I let girls I had never met before see me in my underwear. SLUT!

A couple of friends I met on a local board on TheKnot and I decided to have boudoir pictures taken for our husbands. We found an awesome photographer and makeup artist and arranged to have a marathon session so we could split the cost of the hotel room. Victor's and my first wedding anniversary is in April and I thought that I'd make a book of pictures of me before I get pregnant, old, and saggy. (I doubt those Hallmark folks imagined anything like this when they decided that the "correct" first anniversary gift is supposed to be paper!).

It actually required quite a gallant effort to even get to my hometown (for the sake of simplicity, let's call it R-ville) for this event. I told Victor I was going to R-ville because a lot of Knottie ladies were having a big get together...I didn't even have to lie! Shopping for and storing the little items I wore in my pictures was a little more difficult, but I managed to get the stuff and hide it in the back of the closet. The real challenge was packing, but the FAA helped me. The night before I left I feigned a panic. "Victor! I can't take my [insert random beauty products here] to R-ville because they are in containers larger than 3 ounces!" I cried. Our unsuspecting hero galloped (drove) to Target to buy me some travel size bottles and I was able to pack without him.

The actual picture taking was a truly excellent experience. When else does an average-looking girl get to strut her stuff while onlookers whistle and photographers perform gravity-defying stunts of furniture climbing to get the best angle on you? I had three different outfit changes: a pink slip, Victor's dress shirt with some red lacy undergarments, and a lavender and black lace corset with a garter that I would describe as ridiculous. Ridiculous, but HAWT, at least according to Fredericks of Hollywood.

(As an aside, I imagine it's not very easy to walk across the room to fetch a beer and slice of pizza in tight lingerie that you have to keep adjusting and high heels, so if men really knew what was good for them they'd find sweats and slipper sexy).

I was pretty nervous at the beginning, but after my third glass of wine kicked in I started getting into the part. I've seen a few of the shots and Internet, my hubby is a lucky man if I do say so myself. If any adolescent boys have accidentally stumbled across this blog, sorry, you're not going to be so lucky.

Victor has been trying to guess what I'm getting him for his anniversary present. I like to keep the suspense high so I have him ask questions and give clues, which may confuse him more. Victor: "Is it something I'll use in 20 years?" Me: "You'll probably need it more then than you do now."


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