Thursday, March 26, 2009

Madness in March

First of all, my last post was a little melodramatic. I do struggle with my fears about the future and writing about them helps, but I am overall pretty happy a lot of the time. I have an engaging job, a supportive and loving husband, and great family and friends. I need to think about these good things more often.

So, onto the subject du jour. Someone had this great idea called Earth Hour. For one hour people all over the world are supposed to turn off all their lights as a sign of solidarity in preventing further damage to the environment. The impact will be discussed at a conference. It is scheduled for 8:30 pm (EST) this Saturday night. Being a big proponent of changing our environmental policies, I think this is a great idea and would totally do it, but...

MARCH MADNESS!!! Hello people, how do you expect crazed basketball fans to turn off their TVs during such a critical time? I'm not even a fan of the teams playing that night (I just might be a little bitty fan of another team playing Friday and hopefully Sunday, but I digress) (Go Heels!), but I still plan on watching. Basketball is absolutely the best part about March. I mean, what other nice things can you say about a time that pretends to be spring but still stays below 70 degrees in a good portion of the country? Basketball is March's redeeming quality. I forgive March for its cruel teasing because of basketball, because, really, who cares what the weather is like when you can watch TV ALL DAY LONG? When you can eat frozen pizza for every meal on the weekends and yell at the TV without anyone questioning your sanity? Turning off your TV during this time is another type of madness in itself. I figure these Earth Hour people must be bitter about living in a region with a really bad basketball conference. Like the SEC.

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  1. I will be turning off my lights on Saturday.

    Im sure alot of people will turn off their lights, but not their TV's - which is ok, i guess. :)