Friday, July 17, 2009

How to Know You've Been Watching Too Much of "The West Wing"

I was preparing for a skit at a camp for kids in foster care I have worked at for several summers. In the skit with me were: a girl from college who is now a (semi-) professional actress, a guy from college who was very gay and also into theater, and...Josh Lyman (pictured above, otherwise known as Bradley Whitford).

The skit involved three sheep and their shepherd, I'm not too clear on the details. Josh Lyman was skeptical about the whole thing and kept insisting he be given the smallest role, in case the President called him and he couldn't be there. We were practicing and the gay guy kept telling Josh that he needed to amp up his "baaaas" and the actress girl airily pranced around the stage singing her "baaaas" in an operatic tone.

You know how some dreams are so realistic you wake up thinking they really happened? This one wasn't like that. Because if I were in a skit with Josh Lyman? No way I'd remember my lines.

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